Thursday, October 16, 2014

October 16

Today the administrators are in Irene, South Dakota at a Diocesan Retreat.  Usually we do not have internet access, but this year we are lucky enough to have it...or are we?  This week's blog is inspired by our recent work with Strong Catholic Families, many discussions that I have had with parents, and my struggle with "being unhooked" for two days.

We have the world at our finger tips, but how are we using it?  Are we creating balance in our lives?  Are we creating balance for our children?  I would like to encourage everyone who reads this blog to encourage others to shut down for a little bit each day, but more importantly to help our children have some time without electronics.  I am not writing this from the perspective of a perfect parent, instead quite the opposite.  My children watch too much TV and they are on the Ipad too much.  Let's commit together to help our children learn balance.  Are you aware how much texting your child is doing from 8:00 - 12:00?  Just look sometime and see what happens during those hours.  I would encourage you to take away the phones at night.  Help to give them permission to just tune the world out so they can slow down before another day begins.

Can a push a step further?  Can we challenge ourselves to turn off the TV, put down the electronics and talk about God?  As a parent,  I might need help with this.  One of our goals as a result of the Strong Catholic surveys is to help create a list of resources for parents to use at home.  Hopefully, we can have some ideas put together before Lent.

I am only beginning to experience how hard parenting can be.  It takes a village, but I for one, am glad that my village is BISHOP GARRIGAN!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

October 4

Thank you to Erpelding Voigt for donating chocolate shakes on Friday.  What a great way to end the week!

This week the Department of Education and the Diocese of Sioux City will be in our buildings, Seton and Garrigan, for our 5 year accreditation visit.  I am so proud of who we are and I can't wait to share our successes with them.  

What do you want the state to know about Bishop Garrigan?  One question on the list is "Please share what changes you hope your school will achieve in the next five years."  How would you answer that question?  Feel free to post general comments or email me your thoughts.