Friday, February 27, 2015

Technology, Music, and PE

Happy Friday!

Will students in grades 4 - 6 have PE and music?

Students will have PE and music just as they do now.  Mr. Schurr and Mrs. Black will be the teachers.  Music will take place in the newly renovated music room and PE will take place in Friedman Auditorium.  In the event that Friedman is closed, students will use the new gym.

Is there enough technology?

We have made a great deal of progress through purchases of technology, professional development focused on technology integration, and increasing our infrastructure.  We continue to use donations,funds from within the budget and Cash for Classrooms (Gala) to help purchase new Chromebooks and Ipads.  Teachers will continue to attend professional development opportunities provided by our AEA integrationist.  

Will we continue the traditions that were in place at Seton?

This is a very hard question to answer, because we will have to look at each tradition as it occurs.  I don't want to make a blanket statement of "yes" and then have something changed.  I do believe for that most traditions will continue.  We are able and willing to bus students to St. Cecelia's as needed to participate in faith celebrations.  We intend, as of now, to continue events such as Grandparent's Day.  What will this look like?  I am not sure of that answer, because we have quite some time to plan for it.  If you have concern regarding specific events, please email me and I will make sure that they are on our "watch" list.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February 25 - Playground, Transportation, and Lockers

Happy Snow Day!  Today I will answer a couple of questions that I have been asked.

Orientation - 

March 12 - Students will tour the building with their classmates.  
  • 8:45 – 9:15 Tour for students entering grade 4
  • 9:15 – 9:45 Tour for students entering grade 5
  • 1:00 – 1:30 Tour for students entering grade 6
  • 1:30 – 2:00 Tour for students entering grade 7
Opportunities for parents to tour the building and ask questions:
  • Wednesday, March 11 from 6:00-6:30 pm in the BG main lobby. 
  • Thursday, March 12 from 11:00 - 11:30 am in the BG main lobby. 
  • Thursday, March 12 from 2:15 - 2:45 pm in the BG main lobby.


      Will there be buses that run between the buildings?

Students will have the opportunity to ride a bus from Seton to Garrigan in the morning or Garrigan to Seton after school.  We will have detailed information regarding the busing choices in August when we know bus numbers.

     Where will students in grade 4 - 8 be dropped off in the morning or picked up after school? 

Students in grades 4 - 8 will enter and leave the building through the north doors. (These are the doors that face the apartments.)  The buses will park on the short drive north of the building.  We will ask that parents park along the west side of the building (McCoy Street). There is a sidewalk that leads to the school.

     Where do I pick up my child if their are leaving for an appointment or if they are ill?

Students in grades 4 - 6 will need to be picked up in the main office by an adult.  


We will be adding a cement area near the north end of the Garrigan campus.  This area will provide space for basketball and four square.  There will also be a grassy area for kickball or soccer.  Most of the year one gym will be available in case of rain or extreme cold.

There are enough lockers at Garrigan to accommodate grades 4 - 12.  Younger students may share lockers as they currently do at Seton.

Check back for more Q&A!   

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Open House and Space

Open House -
We will have an open house in August before school begins.  This will be similar to Open House in the past.  Students will have the opportunity to bring their supplies, meet their teachers, and tour the building.  We will also have an informational meeting at that time to discuss specifics such as drop-off, lunch, etc.

We are also planning an "orientation" day in March for students entering grades 4 - 6.  Students and parents will have the opportunity to tour the building and ask questions.

Space - We have been renovating various spaces at Garrigan to accommodate for the additional students.  Students in grades 4 - 8 will be housed in the north end of the building.  There are doors that will provide a natural divide between these students and the high school students.  We are moving six classrooms to Garrigan.
1 - The board room will be located in the addition, so Mr. Wieland will move to the current board room.
2- We no longer use a wired lab because we have laptops/Chromebooks, so Mrs. Even will be moving into the computer lab. (Lab has been renovated.)
3 - Mrs. Vaske will be moving to the ICN room.  (Currently being renovated.)
4 - Linda Peterson will be moving to Jeannie Farrell's room.
5 - Colleen Schiltz's room will be used as a classroom.
6 - The Development office will be located in the addition, so the current Development office can be used as a classroom.

We also have some additional spaces:

  • Colleen Schiltz will move to John Byrkeland's office area.
  • John Byrkeland will move to Sister Janet's office.
  • Speech (Diane Capesius) will be located in the Scrip office.  
  • Scrip Office will be located in the new addition.
  • Middle School Special Education (Julie Illg) will be located in an empty room in the science wing.
  • Middle School Music will be located in the previous high school choir room. 
  • High School Choir is now located in a new room at the east end of the hall.