Friday, January 16, 2015

What' Changing?

Happy 2015!
This year will bring more changes to the Bishop Garrigan system.  The new addition is coming along nicely.  Rumor has it we may be ahead of schedule.  Can you imagine that?  Plans are also moving forward to bring students in grades 4 - 6 to the Garrigan campus this fall.  Over the next weeks I will try to update you on some of the details of the move.  This week I will begin by mentioning some of the topics that I will address and some of the questions that you are asking.  Please remember to comment on this post or to email me if you have other questions.

What do we need to consider before we start moving?

  • How will we feed all those students at Garrigan?
  • Will the kitchen be ready at Seton?
  • When will the Academy be torn down?
  • Will there be enough room in both buildings?
  • Will there be a playground or play area at Garrigan?
  • Where will students be dropped off and picked up at Garrigan?
  • Will there be a bus from Seton to Garrigan before and after school?
  • Are there enough lockers at Garrigan?
  • Will there be books in the library for all ages in both buildings?
  • Will we continue some of the traditions?
  • Will there be mass on Wednesdays?  Where?
  • When will the move occur?
  • Is there enough technology?
  • Will students still have PE and music?  Who will teach it?
Renovation Update:
We already have the new rooms for high school choir, Mr.Wieland and Mrs. Even almost ready.  We have begun remodeling the ICN room for Mrs. Vaske and the old choir room for Mrs. Black.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider but we are well on our way.

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