Saturday, May 2, 2015

End of the Year

Hello Strangers...I am sorry that you have not heard from me in a while.  Things are full steam ahead at both Seton and Garrigan.
Seton Happenings:  The top floor of Seton is now empty.  The items that were once located on that floor have been relocated to the storage space above the stage, Moving day for grades 4-6 will be May 18 and moving day for grades K-3 will be May 19.  (Thanks to everyone who had a hand in the moving process.) There are some items that came from storage will be for sale. We will have a garage sale for the community in the RC on May 22.  Soon after May 22 the asbestos will be removed, electricity will be turned off, and the academy will be torn down.  Seton will not have electricity for most of the summer, so please contact Garrigan if you have questions.  Funerals will be held at the KC Hall or at Garrigan.

Garrigan Happenings:  The new addition is almost done!  The latest update indicates the gym should be open around June 8.  I know that everyone is SO excited for that day! We continue to prepare classrooms for next year.  The final classrooms are being moved before May 15.  Mr. Wieland will continue throughout the summer to lower whiteboards and convert chalkboards to whiteboards.

Questions left over from tours:
Can students in grades 4-6 wear white dry-fit shirts?  Yes.  I spoke with Diamonds and they can get them in smaller sizes.

Can students in grades 4-6 wear shorts all year?  No, please continue to follow the Seton handbook.  We may revisit how to combine the handbooks, but for now we will stick with the policies that are in place.

Busing - I know that there are still so many questions and concerns about this topic.  Kristie and I will make more information about transportation just as soon as it is available.

I probably end every post with this statement but here it is again:  PLEASE contact me if you have questions or concerns.  It is so important for me to have an opportunity to clarify questions so that the accurate information is shared with others. I hope that everyone has a great summer.  Stop by Garrigan for a visit during the summer.

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